Pavers, Walls, Edges & Fences

We stock decorative clay pavers, the latest urban pavers, and much more. Take your pick and choose the best style and presentation choices.


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Sands, Gravels & Rocks

Quality gravels with modern colour and surface texture choices.

Trading Hours

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Soils & Mulches

This large range includes native tea tree mulch, high-quality mushroom mulch, red cypress, and the ever-reliable plantation pine mulch.

Landscaping Tips

Handy hints for the everyday gardener and answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about gardening and landscaping.

Leader in Landscape Supplies

Western Landscape Supplies (WLS) is a major supplier of gardening and landscaping materials to domestic and commercial customers throughout Ipswich, Brisbane & South East Queensland.

We provide a full range of high-quality garden soils, barks, mulches, sands, decorative pebbles, drainage gravels and compactable bases. We also stock pavers, retaining wall blocks, garden edging, sleepers, Besser blocks, lawn turf, and many more general landscaping supplies such as cement, premix and lawn care products. 

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