How to organise deliveries without a hitch for as little as possible!

Where do you deliver?

  • We can deliver anywhere we can drive to, but typically within a 75km radius from Brisbane Southside. When you enter a delivery address outside this area, you will be presented with an option to discuss a custom quote or to arrange picking up from our Brisbane yard.


How long will it take for my order to be delivered and will it all come on one truck?

  • That depends on the types of products ordered. Every product on our website has an estimated delivery time listed. We will typically deliver any goods together on the date the last product is due unless some products were coming on a separate truck anyway and are not directly linked. Many of our most popular products can come immediately from our own yard stock, others need to be ordered-in to our yard first or come directly from the factory to you. Still, others need to be made-to-order or wait for the next stock shipment and could take several weeks. Some items are delivered on our own trucks, others on our suppliers’ trucks.
  • We will use the least expensive method to deliver your goods. If you need us to prioritise certain products, without waiting for other stock, please let us know and we will contact you to work out any extra delivery charges that may apply.


What site restrictions do I need to consider and advise you about before I place my order?

Can I give extra instructions for my delivery?  

  • Yes, we need to know anything about your site that may limit access. When you finish your shopping cart and check out, you will find a “Delivery information” text box that can be filled in with any details you think we need to know. Some things to consider and report to us:
    • Are there power lines or cables that may prevent us from raising our tipper?  
    • If the ground is potentially boggy or slippery, where else can we place your delivery without risking getting bogged or damaging your lawn or garden?  
    • Are there branches, gutters or other structures that may prevent us from delivering in your preferred spot?  
    • How wide are any gates you need us to go through?  
    • Is it a busy road that may require you to organise traffic control or parking spots to be cleared?  
    • It’s best to go out and visualise how a large truck could approach the delivery and let us know anything that may be a concern.  
    • Is there a wide enough turning circle for a big Mack truck or truck and trailer or do you need to request only smaller trucks?  (There may be additional charges if jobs with large volumes of materials require multiple deliveries in a small truck – we will contact you to discuss options).
  • TIPS: To save you waiting around all day for a delivery for sites with easy access, try marking the spot with a stake, a brick, a wheelie bin or sign for our driver – and leave a tarp on the ground for our driver to tip onto if you want to protect your lawn from gravel or your driveway from getting stained or scratched when you’re shovelling or just show him exactly where you want it. Just let us know what to look out for and make it easy and simple to spot!  And don’t forget to order some black plastic sheeting from us if you want us to cover your cement!


How do turf, paver, block and brick deliveries work?

  • Most paver, block or brick deliveries will need to be delivered by the manufacturer on their truck (not ours). They will usually use a forklift truck but some also use crane trucks. They have set delivery surcharge fees (all around $200 or so) in the Brisbane Metro areas for smaller deliveries (under 2 pallets for National Masonry and Apex Masonry, under 3 tonne for Adbri Masonry).  
  • Q-Pro Sleepers orders attract a $330 fee. 
  • Most deliveries are to the nature strip only. If you need the forklift to take your products into your property, you may need to be home to sign a waiver for their driver - it is your responsibility to arrange access and provide any traffic control required.
  • Turf deliveries direct from the farm will be charged at $110.


How much will delivery cost?

  • Big orders of pavers, blocks and bricks may be FREE DELIVERED if you order more than the minimum amount. See above, “How do paver, block and brick delivery charges work?”
  • Delivery Prices: Our truck delivery prices start from $75. After placing your order we will reach out to you directly to confirm your order, recieve any requests and if the option is availble select a specific time/ date for delivery. If you have any additional questions or request please call us directly on (07) 3372 8380

PLEASE NOTE: The advertised delivery prices shown are only relative to purchases made online and may not reflect the standard delivery prices when purchasing in store or over the phone. Online orders typically ship within 48 hours.

Can I specify a date and time for my delivery?

  • Yes, and we will let you know if we anticipate any delays that may prevent us from delivering at the preferred time or date. We appreciate that landscaping and construction projects around the home can require precise delivery times to meet tradies at site or get it done early enough so you can treat the helpers to a BBQ when the job’s done, so we will do everything we can to work with you to get the job done when you need it done.
  • Please take note of the typical “Availability” times (same day, 2-3 days, 1-2 weeks, 4-6 weeks) for each product and select products that will be available within your preferred timeframe. Please include any information with regard to preferred times and dates in your delivery instructions when you check out. Regardless, we will contact you by email or by phone (let us know if you have a preference) to confirm delivery dates and other preferences or special requirements.
  • TIPS: Where possible, have the products delivered a day or two before the work is due to commence so no tradies or labourers are waiting around wasting time when they could be getting the job done!


Do you deliver on Saturdays and Sundays? 

  • Yes, only on Saturdays. We are now closed Sundays. Anything that is stocked in our yards can be delivered on Saturdays.
  • Turf is available for delivery on Saturdays. Typically deliveries will be some time in the morning but when things get busy, you might not receive your turf delivery until some time in the afternoon.  If you need to start laying early, have your turf delivered ONE day before (any earlier than that and it may burn and die if it is left on the pallet) and make sure you leave it in a dry, cool spot, in the shade.  If you don't have any shady trees to put it under, then stretch a tarp over it, ensuring plenty of airflows around the sides and over the top to keep it cooler.  Do NOT hose or spray the turf while it is on the pallet as that speeds up the processes that cause "pallet burn."  See more information on caring for and laying your turf on the appropriate product pages.
  • Paver, Brick and Block deliveries direct from the manufacturers are only delivered Monday through Friday - not on weekends.  Saturday deliveries are generally restricted to small hand unload deliveries of the most popular products that we keep in stock in our yards.
  • Need some help working out how to get everything on site when you need it?  Talk to us on (07) 3372 8380, we are happy to help plan your deliveries for you.


What time do your deliveries start and finish each day?

  • We have a fleet of small, medium and large trucks and large trucks with trailers (“Truck & Dog”) that can deliver throughout the day.  
  • We’re open and delivering:
    • 6am - 5pm Monday to Friday,
    • 6am - 3pm Saturdays 
    • Closed:  public holidays
    • We are closed on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Labour Day, Kings Birthday, Australia Day. 
  • Please note, morning deliveries are particularly popular – order a few extra days ahead (or a week ahead for weekends!) if you want an early delivery.  We will contact you to discuss any issues.


What size truck should I expect to deliver my order?

  • Most orders for residential jobs that come from our yard will be delivered in our small tip trucks. We will call or email you to discuss using bigger trucks if that option looks suitable for your order. Don’t forget to let us know if you have an awkward site for trucks to enter! Sometimes our only option is to tip the load out the front.  Paver, block, brick and turf deliveries are generally performed by large body trucks or semi-trailers with either a forklift or crane on the back - they need plenty of room on the street and wide, high, level, firm access to the spot where you want the products delivered.


Can I ask for a small truck to get into a tight spot or deliver in my backyard?

  • Yes, but you must be home to sign a waiver if you want our drivers to enter your property. Also, please measure any gates or other narrow spots (don’t forget to look up! Gutters and branches can also prevent us from getting into tight spots!) and let us know of anything that may be of concern. If there’s any doubt, please have a plan B ready.  Best thing to do is leave details in the delivery instructions to advise any site restrictions so we can contact you to advise which trucks may be most suitable. 
  • Please note, if we would normally deliver the whole lot in one big truckload but you need us to do it in multiple small truckloads there may be extra delivery fees.  Let us know and we will contact you to discuss.


What happens if you can’t deliver where I want it?

  • Our drivers are capable of getting into some very tight spots but some things just can’t be done and safety MUST come first.
  • Our drivers cannot attempt to tip off if they reasonably believe it is too dangerous for them, you, our truck or your property. Sometimes it’s a steep or side-to-side slope that prevents us from being able to tip off safely. We need you to advise us of any potential issues when the order is placed. If we arrive to find an issue that should have been identified and communicated to us at time of order, we may need to take the delivery back to the yard. Of course, the delivery can be rescheduled when the issue is resolved or a credit will be arranged but we reserve the right to deduct any reasonable costs incurred in delivery or to charge an extra delivery fee as appropriate after discussing best options with you.
  • Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure access to the site. If you are unsure, please discuss with us.