10 Easy Gardening Tips

To be able to walk among flowers, herbs and vegetables that you took the time to nurture is definitely an amazing feeling.

The catch is when you are starting from scratch, the thought might be a rather daunting one. WLS is here with some easy gardening tips to get you started.

WLS - Gardening Tips

Use Mulch for Easy Gardening

If you’re worried about things like weeds, spreading a layer of mulch about 1 to 2 inches deep can help stop most weeds from growing. It will also help your soil hold moisture during those hot, dry, sunny days. Organic mulches will be even better because they add more nutrients to your soil when they decompose.

Pull Out Baby Weeds

If you do start noticing weeds, the best thing you can do is to pull them out while they’re young and don’t have time to spread.

Recycle Flower Pots

Empty clay flower pots can be the perfect protection! Place them on young plants at night when you are growing in cold weather.

Give Your Flower Beds an Edge

Keep a barrier between your grass and your garden beds by putting some edging in between the two. Make sure you get the edging deep into the ground, about 6 inches so that the roots don’t create a pathway underneath. You can use anything from gravel to blocks to make the barrier.

Reuse Cooking Water

The water that’s been used to boil an egg or steam a potato might not be good for much, but your potted plants will still appreciate it.

Get the Right Soils

Not all soils are created equally. For potted plants, make sure to use potting mix, while garden soil works best when mixed in the garden with some natural soil.

Keep a Compost Pile

You’ll find that composting is one of the best things you can do for your garden. It gives the soil a chance to breathe easier and drain faster by making room between sticky clay particles. If you’ve got sandy soil, compost will also help it stay moist longer.

Easy Acid Supply

Some plants like camellias love more acidic environments. Help them thrive by sprinkling small amounts of leftover tea and coffee grounds into their soil once a month.

Disguise with Vines

Nothing ruins a great backyard faster than an ugly fence. Cover it up with creeping vines and watch your garden flourish.

Choose Fast Growing Plants

If you’re looking to kick-start your garden, find species that are fast growing and will continue to thrive – Ornamental grasses are a great place to start!


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