Improving House Value with Landscaping

When you pull up to a house with nice landscaping, you are immediately more drawn to it than you would be to a house with none.

The fact of the matter is a tidied and lush lawn is good for adding value to your home. A good landscape design can increase the perceived value of your home by 5 to 10 percent, as well as give you high-value returns.

There is an economic value to green space that is undeniable, so consider that when you’re looking for a DIY project to complete this summer.

Make Your Lawn a Good One

If you do anything, you should make sure you have a nice lawn. Lay down some lush new turf if you have to, and make sure to take care of it. Keep it mowed and edged so it looks pristine and inviting. A good edging will also give the appearance that your lawn is low maintenance, which is a high selling point.

Cover up Pitfalls with Plants

If there are any faults in your yard, from a lack of a barrier between neighbours to close access to a busy street, add some plants to cover it up. Rose beds, shrubbery and even some small trees can be a great way to remove the issue in the buyer’s eyes.

Add Colour and Texture

There are many ways to add variety to your landscape design that will catch any buyer’s eye. Pot plants are a good way to start but don’t underestimate the simple power of decorative gravel. You can use this anywhere from pathways to flower beds. Create designs with different colours for extra style.

Give the People Something to Walk on

A nicely laid pathway can make all the difference in your landscaping design, and you can do it yourself easily enough with a range of pavers! Give the buyer a beautiful and clear path to walk on through your lovely yard and into your house.

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About the Author

Scott is the CEO of Western Landscape Supplies since 2012, and under his leadership has grown the business from a small one-yard business to a multi-branch landscaping franchise.

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