Top 10 Landscaping Design Tips

When it comes to DIY landscaping, there is a range of ideas that you can implement to give your lawn any style and look that you want.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are a few of our top landscape design tips for the DIY genius!

Landscaping Tips Front and Backyard

Start from the Front

You want curb appeal, don’t you? Start your landscape design by giving your front yard a makeover. That way, you’ll have even more experience when it comes to really sprucing up the backyard.

Consider the Hard Stuff First

Before you start picking out soils and planting flowers, make sure to lay out any hard materials first. This includes pavers & stepping stones for pathways or patios or blocks for retaining walls.

Mix up the Soil

Your soil will be healthier and encourage more growth if you make sure to mix it up with other organic matter. Anything from leaf mould to mushroom compost mixed into the loose soil will encourage root growth.

Work Your Way from the Border of the House

It’s always good to start planting around the frame of the house. Shrubbery should go under low windows and taller plants and tree on the corners. 

Retaining Walls Give Defined Space

If you want a defined area for sitting or entertaining, put up retaining walls to draw that line.

Build a Fire Pit

Everyone loves to congregate around a fire. Build a fire pit yourself around your sitting area using blocks and gravel.

Drain in Style

Use drainage gravels around retaining walls or as barriers between garden beds and grass to keep water moving and to keep it from flooding. 

Zen out with Sand

The use of sand in landscaping can really add a contrast of colour and texture. Make a Japanese Zen garden lined with large rocks, or even create a children’s playpen. 

Do Your Research on Plants

Check out first where the sun rises and sets in your backyard so that you know where to plant greenery. Consult your local nursery to see which plants will do best in your garden. 

Add Personal Touches

Whether that means adding a pergola, throwing in some statues or being creative with lighting, the personal touches you add to your land are still important in landscaping DIY.

So there you go, Top 10 Landscaping Tips from WLS to help you get started. Visit our Landscape Supplies stores in Brisbane and Gold Coast to get expert opinions from our experienced staff. You could also shop online!


About the Author

Scott is the CEO of Western Landscape Supplies since 2012, and under his leadership has grown the business from a small one-yard business to a multi-branch landscaping franchise.

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