Carbon Black Dyed Cypress Mulch

Carbon Black Dyed Cypress Mulch by WLS.
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A dark Carbon Cypress mulch developed to enhance the natural greens and colours of a garden or landscape. If you are looking for a unique project finish and an enhanced garden appearance, this is the high quality coloured mulch for you. We use industry-leading technologies and natural carbon black dye. The dye is ground into the product to give long-lasting colour in this fine, consistent textured mulch. Our Carbon Black mulch has the added benefit of Cypress natural Termite Resistance.

Like any natural bark or mulch, the tannins will run if put onto light concrete, tiles, or other surfaces. We recommend a delivery drop location on grass, dirt, or on a tarp.

Rich long lasting Black colour
Retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden
Environmentally sustainable
Natural Termite Resistance*
Fresh Cypress fragrance
Complies with Australian Standard 4454-2012
100% Genuine Cypress

All products are natural and the exact colour and consistency cannot be guaranteed due to variations in the timber or bark raw materials.

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